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I had been auditioning for titles through Wildblue Press for 3 years and when I was awarded this one, my first one with them, I couldn’t have been more excited. Just by coincidence this tragic event took place just south of where I grew up in upstate New York in Kingston N.Y. The author knew the victim in this heinous crime from high school and was actually assigned to the police department in my hometown of  Troy N.Y. as an assistant DA early in his career. I was already relocated to San Diego when this happened so I was completely unaware of the case and the circumstances surrounding this bizarre crime.

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Call Me Sergeant Rock


I have to say that this was one of the most, if not THE most, compelling audiobook I have ever narrated and produced. This is as authentic as it gets! I am sure that everyone who listens to this production will take away different things when you have completed it. One thing I took away was that this was about relationships and survival. You never know what you will do in the name of survival until you are faced with the situation. Not something I would wish on anyone, much less someone in their early adulthood.

If you have never served in the military you might find this story very uncomfortable at times. even if you have served there are moments that you might think, “Wow, what would I have done in that moment?” Because you only have a moment to react and it really puts into perspective what these young warriors had to deal with in the most hostile of environments. Dan Rogers was brave enough and tough enough to live through the events in this memoir and if you ask me, twice as brave to relive it so many years later and recount his experiences on paper for us to hear.

Thank you Sergeant Rock for allowing me to be your voice for your memoir and most of all thank you for your service.

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British Invasion


Before The Beatles landed on American shores in February 1964, only two British acts had topped the Billboard singles chart. In the first quarter of 1964, however, the Beatles alone accounted for 60% of all recorded music sold in the United States; in 1964 and 1965 British acts occupied the number one position for 52 of the 104 weeks; and from 1964 through to 1970, the Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, the Dave Clark Five, the Animals, the Kinks, the Hollies, the Yardbirds, and the Who placed more than 130 songs on the American Top Forty.

This was one of the most fun audiobooks I have had the pleasure to produce. Being a huge Beatles fan and definitely a fan of British Rock I feel like I was able to be a part of the Invasion, even in the smallest way, by being chosen to narrate this audio. I just hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it!

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Will Big League Baseball Survive?


Major League Baseball is a beloved American institution that has been a product of the economic, social, and media structures that have evolved in the United States over the last century. In his shrewd analysis, Will Big League Baseball Survive?, Lincoln Mitchell asks whether the sport will continue in its current form as a huge, lucrative global business that offers a monopoly in North America – and whether those structures are sustainable.

If you love Baseball History, this has it. If you ever wonder about the future of Baseball, Lincoln Mitchell has some ideas on how to help it survive. Every true baseball fan should want to hear this audio!

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 Making a Submarine Officer  



Secure liberty and make ready for underway! This is the story of a Submarine Officer in our modern day Submarine force. Some of you may know that this particular Submarine did actually take a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Find out just how Alex Fleming handles his time onboard one of our US Navy’s Finest Nuclear Submarines!

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The story of a Neurosurgeon in his residency at UCSF and his experiences in the OR. Having worked in the OR myself for almost 4 years this was definitely interesting for me and I am so happy I was chosen to voice his words.

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Luke Karamazov (Great Lakes Book Series)

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This is my 4th title for Unversity Press and a real disturbing story about 2 brothers who would become serial killers a decade apart from one another. If you like True Crime, then this is for you.

The author, Conrad Hilberry, investigates the relationship between the brothers, as well as their feelings about their parents, about the prison staff, and about the woman who has been married to each of them. With the drama of fiction, the resulting story is bizarre, somewhat grisly, but always psychologically revealing.

The book is published by Wayne State University Press.

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Unusual Punishment: Inside the Walla Walla Prison, 1970-1985


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This is my 3rd title for University Press and it is one of the more interesting audiobooks I have produced to date. Christopher Murray was phenomenal in his detailed research and unbiased presentation of the material. One of the best written audiobooks I have narrated to date.

This book is published by Washington State University Press.

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Hear a sample of Piggyback:

Long before JonBenet Ramsey, there was a little girl named Maria Ridulph. Her life would be taken far too soon and the case would linger for years until an overzealous justice system decided it was time to find a culprit. Totally convinced of Jack McCullough’s guilt, the Author would become advocate and friend of the convicted man, while the book itself becomes an integral part of this story.

I can’t say enough about Piggyback. This is the most incredible story I have had the honor of narrating. It was no easy task that was undertaken by the author Jeffrey Dean Doty. Not only did he have to sift through old documents and FBI files as well as interview those still living who were directly related to the case to collect the information he used for this book, but his journey went from being a documentarian to becoming an advocate for the man accused and convicted in the crime… Over 50 years later.

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